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Sour Mango Strain Review

Is it possible to improve on Greatness! Can you have the best of both worlds? Will we see a player with Lebron James size, strength, and point guard IQ with the killer instinct and scoring dominance of Jordan…it doesn’t matter though, because I got Mango Kush…the best of both worlds! How can one improve on the uplifting energy giving sativa effects and diesel dank flavor of Sour Diesel?…by crossing it with the dynamic eclectic blend of Mango Haze!

The indica effects of Northern Lights #5 provide body relaxation, reliefs muscle soreness, and provides respite from minor aches and pains. The indica effects end there! The haze and Skunk elements in Mango Haze combine with the Sour Diesel in Sour Mango to provide an amazing blend of tropical fruitiness, skunk dankness, and the smile inducing taste of diesel. THC percentage levels range from mid to high teens making this ideal for daytime use and for novices.  

The stringy nature of the Sour Diesel leaves is evident in the structure of Sour Mango. The physical resemblance to Diesel ends there. Bright and light orange hairs spin around th leaves with slight hints of purple tint. The whole bud is decorated with glimmering trichomes that are gift wrapping on this amazing strain. Great for daytime/anytime use Sour Mango uplifts and energizes while the body just enjoys the ride. I just juiced my disgusting but essential cabbage, celery, burdock, broccoli, green apple, garlic elixir for the next two days. Cleaned the kitchen and will enjoy checking out this Richard Jewel flick.

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