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Sour Diesel Pre- Roll Strain Review

This pre-roll looks a little different from the previous I have gotten. I grab a few from Select when I just want something quick before I am in my element. Honestly, my first thought was “loose goosey” like to the cadence of Junkyard Band’s “loose booty’. I’m just saying it took me back to a dude rolling a loose jay in the dorm.  

Sour Diesel Pre Roll Art

However, do not be deceived friend! This jay burned slow, did not run, and is still in my ash stray, because it just is not needed. I have an air seal ashtray otherwise it would just burn on for a few minutes. Who knew loose jays are the way to go? Naw, I’ll still roll mine tight, but I got time and tools to do one jay at a time to my specifications.  

These are tight for on the go, but do not think it is just going to burn up real quick if you are out and about. Plus it is Sour Diesel. Great Diesel taste and high to power you through after a few hits. Nice new addition Select!

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