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Sour Cheese Strain Review

I mean this sounds like George Clinton left out all night funk. Sour Cheese is cross of Cheese X strain and Strawberry Diesel. The lineage alone is enough to make you take a ride on the mothership. THC levels are moderate ranging from low to mid 20%. As a slightly sativa dominant strain its a nice balance of sativa and indica effects.

Sour Cheese is danktified dank! Breaking down these huge pine tree shaped dark green contrasted with light green nuggets scents of grandparents musty basements come to mind. These nuggets are splattered with reddish and slightly orange hairs covered in resinous trichomes. Your fingers will get sticky just taking it out of the container.  

The effects yield to an upbeat cerebral high. Writers, talkers, socializers will enjoy. This is also a cool workout strain. As a balanced hybrid its good for re-or post workout. Pre-workout gives you the sativa buzz while post-workout allows for body relaxation. This strain will go where you want your energy to go. Sour Cheese taste like a diesel fumes with a hint of blue cheese. Its aptly named. Diesel and skunk fans will enjoy this strain.  

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