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Sour Banana Strain Review

There are times when the name of a strain is just some clever sounding shit. There are times when a name is just a simple description of the combination of strains. There are times when a strain’s name is an ample description of tastes and effects. This is a time when a strain is all of the above.

Banana Sherbert

Sour Banana, aka Sour Banana Sherbert, tastes amazing. It tastes like a sour diesel sweet banana and berry flavor. The strain smells like a stinking putridly sweet zesty banana fruit salad. This strain is the product of crossing Sour Diesel and Banana Sherbert.


The strain can get up to 70% sativa dominant. The strain can also get up to 24% THC levels as well. The effects are definitely dominated by the Diesel! This is for getting up, getting active, and getting out to enjoy physical and/or social activity.

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