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Sour Apple Strain Review

Sour Diesel is my shit. I love the gassy fumes and sour taste of great SD as well as a sativa focus. So when I heard Select Co-Op got Sour Apple I knew it had some Diesel in there. Not sure what the apple is about though. I enjoy cleverly named strains, but this is just straightforward. I assume it taste like Sour Apple so let’s get into it.

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I got hoodwinked fam. Not in a bad way, but in surprising way. Sour Apple is 80% indica. I wasn’t expecting that. What it not shocking is….it tastes like Sour Diesel mixed with a tart green apple that is a pleasantly rancid treat. The strain is aptly named!

Sour Apple is a cross of Sour Diesel and Cinderella 99. THC levels can get up to about 18% on this strain. Although described as indica dominant the sativa effects still shine through. Expect body relaxation and pain relief balanced by a sativa sharpness.

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