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Sour Apple Strain Review

Sour Apple

I should have asked. However, I heard sour in the title and just knew this was going to be a hybrid or a sativa dominant strain. It is my affinity for Sour Diesel that led me to assume. I learned the hard way that Sour Apple is not a sativa.

Sour Diesel

Sour Apple is the product of crossing Sour Diesel and Cinderella 99 strains. I mean the strain should be a balanced hybrid correct? No Sir! Sour Apple is 80% indica dominant. Sour Apple offers up to 17%THC levels with 1% CBD and CBN as well.

Cinderella 99

Sour Apple is a potent pain and stress reliever. This strain tastes like its name. The sour is a double dose of sourness from the diesel and from the apple flavor. It is like a blast of tartness that is awesome to experience. This is couch-locking medicine for sure.