Something In The Water Concert in DC

Well, thank you to the Commonwealth again, for the upcoming, “There’s Something In The Water Concert in DC.” All because Virginia does not know what they are doing. It makes it so much easier to get cannabis in Washington DC. If you did not know that we will school you on Initiative 71 shortly; along with detail about the event, 420 needs, and tickets as over 60 artist are scheduled to perform. Thanks to Virginia making it difficult for Pharrell to host his “Something in the Water Concert in DC event” in his home region of the Tidewater area, he is now doing it in Washington DC. Click below for the updates.

Something in the Water Concert in DC Three Day Musical and Cultural Event

Any Northeast Groovers fans out here? “Take their order and put em in the water”! I am almost fifty years old and still enjoy debating the hands of Smoke, Wink, and Micky. The Something in the Water Concert in DC event is a three-day musical and cultural event that will occur June 17th to June 19th 2022. Local acts such as Rare Essence and Backyard band will be in attendance in addition to Tobe Ngigwe, Adekunle Gold, Hope Tala, Jon Baptiste, Omar Apollo, Lil Uzi Vert, Usher, Teyanna Taylor, and a lot more damn people! 

Tickets are available Online Now

Tickets for the Something in the Water Concert in DC event are available online now. There are five levels of tier passes. What does that mean? It means buy your tickets early at the lowest tier prices. The event’s website indicates the only difference between tiers is the ticket price.  The tiers are a means to motivate attendees to buy tickets early before each “tier” is sold out of tickets. 

Visit Select Co-Op Recreational Dispensary

What if you are in the Virginia Beach area and still want to come to the event? The Something in the Water Concert in DC organizers have you covered!  There are one-way or round-trip shuttle tickets available to bring participants from Virginia Beach to Washington, DC. 

The three-day event will be attended by patrons with valid wristbands. I would check out the Something In the water Concert in DC website if you plan on attending. Counterfeit and/or wristbands that have been tampered with will not be accepted and the attendee will be barred from attending events. 

What about 4:20 Needs for the event?

Something In The Water Concert in DC

Where can I get my 4:20 Supplies for the Something in The Water Concert in DC?

Ok, so you have your time in Washington DC planned, tickets purchased, and you know what you want to do when you get to the city.  What about your 4:20 needs? Thankfully, it is much easier to procure your cannabis supplies now that the Something in the Water Concert in DC venue has moved here. There is a provision in the Washington DC legal code called Initiative 71. This Initiative allows folks 21 or older to transport cannabis in their vehicle, gift up to two ounces, and smoke cannabis in private places. 

What does it mean to gift cannabis you may ask?

Gifting cannabis is how I-71 (Initiative 71 companies) provide cannabis to its customers. There is a lot of controversy about storefront businesses that do this. These businesses are often raided and the target of new legislation by the city council. The DCist and Outlaw report document these ongoing battles. However, DC delivery dispensaries are much safer, discrete, and reliable options.

I use a rotation of certain companies proven to have consistent strains and excellent customer service. Takoma Care and Wellness (TCW) will deliver your cannabis needs to you at a time you schedule. You pay for subscribing to their amazing menu. In addition, DC Cooperative may schedule a time for you to pick up your gift at a place and time convenient for your needs. 

How Do I Get Weed: Your Ultimate Cannabis Resource

I have also been using Select Co-op for years. If I need some nice flowers to restock, then the folks at Select Co-op will recommend something excellent and meet me for delivery. Sometimes I desire some edibles and know Gifted legacy has a nice supply as well. At times I appreciate a cart to chase a jay I have smoked. I know that Tacoma Care and Wellness has me covered. There are times I mix in crumble or shatter with a jay for extra potency and I know I can always meet up with someone from DC Cooperative

Enjoy the benefit of being in Washington DC.

Enjoy the benefit of being in Washington DC. While grabbing your 4:20 supplies know that the food spots in Dupont Circle, Adams Morgan, and off 14th street near Florida Avenue are off the chain. Do not let the day end with the something in the water festival concerts either. DC Nightlife is the norm for entertainers, rappers, basketball and football players, MMA personalities, and what have you. I saw Nas at Abigail a few weeks ago. The Abigail is around Dupont Circle. There are a few spots including Rosebar, Barcode, and 1942. You can smoke in these spots that are hip-hop clubs for mature audiences enjoy The Something In The Water Festival.