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Snowland Strain Review

Although, it is summer, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Snowland is an any-time of day almost perfectly balanced strain with sativa focusing energy and indica body relaxation. In addition to its balancing effects Snowland has a CBD percentage of around 4% providing a good dose of medicinal benefits to supplement the psychoactive effects…aka the awesome high! Let’s check it out. Good recommendation from my guy at Select co-op!

Snowland is a cross between the strains Snowcap and LA Confidential. To understand this strain’s effects let’s look at its’ parents for a second. Snowcap is sativa leaning hybrid that is said to provide potent focusing and creative cerebral effects with a unique ginger, lemony, menthol flavor. LA Confidential is an indica monster at almost 90% dominant known for its tranquilizing effects. The result is Snowland‘s crisp focused and creative generating mental effects combine with body relaxation that is enjoyable while not couch-locking. You will not want to go running for sure but sleep-time is not mandatory.  

The lemony menthol ginger sweetness and the piney skunkiness of Snowland‘s parent strains blend nicely. On the initial toke the gassy lemon ginger taste is overpowering and enjoyable. On the exhale you can taste the inky skunk. Snowland has a THC level ranging from low to mid twenty percent. Enjoy to treat for muscle pain without feeling heavy or drained.