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Snowland Strain Review

Some say this strain is called Snowland or “SnowLAnd“. What? Am I supposed to say the latter as Snow-L-A-and? Does it matter? Is there anybody out there really calling this strain “Snow L-A- and“? If so please smack that person for wasting the extra 1.5 seconds of people’s lives it takes to say it each time.

Snowland Art

Anyway… Snowland is an indica dominant powerhouse. This strain is the result of crossing Snowcap and LA Confidential. The trichomes on this bud are bling blinging. You may need sunglasses to look at it. The trichomes are white crystals that look like a layer of…. Snow obviously. Snowland tastes of a piney diesel balanced with sweet tropical and citrus flavors.

This strain can get up to 25% THC levels. This is a unique indica dominant hybrid offered by Select Co-op. At first toke, thoughts of energized creativity abound. While the mind enjoys the creative driving energy the body begins to be absorbed into relaxation. However, it never culminates in a debilitating couch lock. You will simply be less energized to move around throughout the day.

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