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Snowcap Strain Review

This is a strain you may want to grab for its unique flavor profile. This reminds me of a strain I had a while ago called Permafrost. The Flavor is a crisp but cooling almost menthol effect with hints of citrus and spicy sweetness. The smoke is a cool exhale with a slightly sweet tingling on the back end. We are discussing the Snowcap strain.

Snow White

Snowcap is an interesting strain in its effect. It is said to be a hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Snow White with Haze. a 50/50 hybrid. Yet, the cerebral effects are definitely sativa leaning. However, the body is hit with a sedation that does not immobilize or couch lock but has one functionally relaxed.  

Lemon Haze

Snowcaps‘ unique combination of effects may be attributed to its powerful compound profile. Snowcap Strain may get up to 24% THC levels. While also offering 4%CBD. That is rare in such a powerful THC content. I enjoy this when wanting to relax and enjoy life as it comes.  

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