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SnowCap Strain Review

SnowCap Select Co-op has been consistent with amazing hybrids as of late. They did not miss a beat with having Snowcap strain on the menu. As an amazing hybrid this strain is also potent for medicinal treatment. Snowcap offers up to 24% THC levels while offering 4% CBD effects as well.


Snowcap strain is an interesting cross of what is said to be a female Snow White plant and a male Cat Piss plant. Fyi, Cat Piss is also in the Snow White lineage. Snowcap is said to be a 50/50 hybrid strain. Cat Piss this strain has a unique and special flavor. Snowcap tastes of spicy ginger, sour lemons, spicy floral elements, and a diesel flavor with menthol energy to it. 

Snowcap is a perfect evening or mid-afternoon strain for me to relax and recharge. The mental effect is an invigorating and energizing elation of the mind. The body will be relaxed and soothed without couch-lock or heaviness. It is great for early evening as one can still expect to have a productive night. Great recommendation by the folks at Select Co-op.  

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