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Snow Montana Strain Review

Snow Montana Interesting name for this strain. It does not entice me to try it and I would ignore it just glancing at the name. However, I informed my folks at Select Co-op I needed some powerful evening wind down strains for pain and inflammation relief. They did not disappoint at all!


Oh, excuse me I almost forgot. In my Dancehall reggae DJ voice… “Ring the alarm a new strain is growing, Ring the alarm a new strain we toking, Wooaah!” Snow Montana is the new creation from the backpackboyz family. Maybe that is why it is named Snow Montana (backpacking… I don’t know). I do know this strain is the product of crossing Cherry Funk and Acai strains.

Acai Berry

Although, this strain is called Snow Montana it looks like a tropical flower of fluffy peach and lime green pistils with some purple decoration as well. This strain tastes like a cornucopia of tropical fruits and you will want to keep smoking it. However, there is no need. After a few tokes you will feel quite relaxed and do not need anymore. This is for evening use and offers potent relief if people are dealing with pain and insomnia.