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Smarties Strain Review

Bravo!!! Bravo!!! This strain is aptly named. It is simple and to the point, nostalgic, and describes the experience. Let’s get into Smarties strain.

Yes Smarties strain off break tastes like the classic Smarties candy. Extremely sweet, minty, with fruity elements to boot. Smarties is the brilliant creation of crossing Blue City with Diesel, and Girl Scout Cookies. This strain is said to be 60% indica dominant.

Lambs Breath

Smarties is a great wind down strain in the evening. This is just what the doctor ordered Select Co-op! Smarties can get up to 27% THC levels. The mind will be happily relaxed and slightly focused while the bodies relaxation grows towards couch-lock. You can choose to get up and go prepare for bed though!

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