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Mar 7, 2023
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Small Pharma phase 2 trial Small Pharma Announces Additional Positive Data From Phase 2a Trial

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Back in end-January, we reported on Small Pharma’s positive results for its Phase 2a trial using DMT-assisted therapy to treat Major Depressive Disorder. 3 months after a single dose of DMT — paired with preparation and integration therapy — 57% of depression patients were considered to be in remission.

These were very encouraging results, backing up the thesis that faster-acting psychedelics like DMT could provide significant healing potential in a much shorter period.

Today, both patients and investors received additional good news, as Small Pharma has reported supportive data to corroborate its initial Phase 2 trial topline results.

Analyses of additional secondary and exploratory endpoints, including effects on self-reported depression, anxiety and wellbeing, demonstrated that patients receiving at least a single dose of IV SPL026 with supportive therapy experienced clinically relevant improvements in function and mood, further supporting previously announced topline efficacy results.

Patients’ self-reported depression and well-being scores that matched previous topline MADRS efficacy data.  There was also statistically significant improvement in anxiety symptoms, which could offer potential new indications for the medicine beyond depression.

See below for our chat with EF Hutton analyst about Small Pharma’s program and read the full press release below.



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