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Slurricane Strain Review

Hurricane! …but you can call me Slurricane…strong enough to start an engine Ma’ane. Oh N-iz-o Purple Punch crossed with the Do-Si-Do. Sprinkle me Man! Nuff Respect E-40. The diesel like aroma of Do-Si-Do gives way to the citrus, berry, and creamy after hit of Purple Punch making this as flavorful and potent as the adult beverage namesake of the song by the Click.

Slurricane looks like a potent indica. Dark, almost blackish purple nuggets with slivers of orange hairs spitting forth like flames of fire. Flares of lime green leaves circle the the dense nuggets. Breaking the buds down leaves thick resin on the fingertips as evidence of the up to 28% THC levels reported in this strain. Anymore and you may not pass a breathalyzer on Slurricane.

Although, this is definitely an indica, I don’t see it as indica lover’s indica. Has the great dark appearance and amazing scent reminiscent of classic indicas. Rich fruity flavors that entice the user to pull longer and harder exudes. However, what is pleasantly missing is an intense couch-lock heavy kinda feeling. While users have indicated they experience relief with pain, headaches, and inflammation, I felt muscle relaxation. While I felt relaxation I was not glued to the couch or falling in a time portal. I enjoyed making my acai bowl with aronia berries, strawberries, pumpkin seeds, and oats for lunch… and enjoyed crushing it even more! 

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