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Skywalker OG Strain Review

"Skywalker OG is 85% indica dominant. Potent and dank, I strongly advise to use sparingly with caution. A spicy herbal piney taste with slight diesel."

Tranquilizer alert. Comatose alert. Rip Van Winkle alert. This bud puts me on my ass. I wanted a night-time indica to wind down and deal with some lingering pains. Select did not disappoint, pointing me to Skywalker OG.

Purple Gorilla

This is a classic indica for those that do not know. Skywalker OG can get up to 25% THC levels while offering 2% CBD. This a heavy effect that comes on instantly and potently. The mental effect is stereotypically “stoned” while the body is immersed in an increasing vibe of relaxing bliss.

master kush

Skywalker OG is said to be 85% indica dominant. It may be over 90%. This is potent and dank and I strongly advise to use sparingly and with caution. Skywalker OG has a spicy herbal piney taste with a slight diesel flavor on the exhale.

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