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Sep 6, 2023
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Skywalker OG Strain Review: Drift Off Into Space

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Skywalker OG is a classic mind-melding cultivar created from a cross of Mazar, Blueberry, and OG Kush. The buds were well-formed and firm, with a bit of sappiness that stuck to your fingers just from touching these tasty nugs. The Skywalker strain was cured into a minty green shade, with deep purple specks and delicate bright orange hairs dusted all over.

The flower smelled spicy and funky with a little bit of sourness. As the buds were crushed, the smell of juniper, citrus, and cloves emanated from the grinder. There was almost a note of an astringent nature, like eucalyptus, as I took in the aromas from the freshly ground flower. Packing a bowl, I easily detected the predominant terpenes of caryophyllene, limonene, and linalool. 

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Source: High Society 416

The smoke felt very fluid and rich with a strong OG flavor. I happened upon flowery lavender-like flavors complemented with a taste reminiscent of peat or sandalwood. There was an earthy, woodlike aspect to the smoke as it permeated my lungs, and I made out bits of tropical fruit on the exhale. It reminded me of mango skins and unripe bananas, but it was entirely flavorful and delightful. This indica-dominant hybrid strain tests at 32.54% THC and is a consistent genetic that I have enjoyed for many years.

The effect was felt within minutes as I thought the space behind my eyes was expanding, and my mind seemed to grow past the parameters of my body. I sensed an almost ethereal nature to the light-headed mindset that came with this strain. I felt distracted from any aching joints, and my physique felt at ease as the body and head high melded together. I felt a unique blend of spacey physical sensations like lightness in my body, mixed with a desire to move around and then get distracted easily.

With 32.89% total cannabinoids, the head high brought an enjoyable cloudiness that passed in time, and I experienced mild pain relief with this strain. The effect was more like a thorough relaxation through my back and limbs as I floated along. There was definitely some appetite stimulation because I got the munchies bad about an hour in. Skywalker is a perfect pairing for dinner out with friends, low-impact outdoor activities, like biking or kayaking, or even listening to your favorite bands all by yourself; just let the flower elevate your mind as you drift off into space with the music and some Skywalker smoke. 

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