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Skittles Strain Review

I am almost leery of anything super fruity in a strain nowadays. I am stereotyping these strains. Yep, I’m flower prejudice. I hear fruity taste, fruity smell, and see dense buds and start assuming its an indica that will give me insatiable munchies and put me on my ass. This came recommended from by connection at Select Co-op let’s see.
Zkittles is a cross between Grape Ape, Grapefruit, and some mystery strain.  Interesting, as Grapefruit is an amazing sativa and Grape Ape is an indica that is actually fun and not too heavy once the effects hit. The buds of Zkittles display a variety of green and purple hues juxtaposed against striking orange hairs sprinkled throughout. The buds have the characteristically indica structure earlier mentioned, tight and densely-packed. A frosting of cloudy white trichomes ensures both stickiness and is evidence of the THC levels that are reported up to mid 20%.  

Yes, the taste is sweet, fruity, tropical, and decadent. Tastes more like tropical fruit punch then Skittles. It is the effects I most please with though. This is an indica dominant strain. However, I am not couch-locked or heavy. After a few hours I am functional and just enjoying potent body relaxation. My mind is sharp while still euphoric after some time. This is a good strain if not going to be physically active or very busy during the day. The strong body relaxation coupled with sativa mind focus makes this good for social or in the house activities.