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Simply Sativa Salads

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Simply Sativa Salads

“Another great wake and bake combination is Area 41 and Galactic Glue. Similarly, to mixing Area 41 with Sour Grapes the sativa elements of Galactic Glue.”

We are back for another culinary edition of cannabis salads with Sativa Smoker. Today’s focus is on great wake and bake combinations. We will conclude with an evening salad recommendation to wind things down. Remember, our folks at Select Co-op got you for all the salad ingredients.

Sour Grapes

First up is the Sour Grapes Area 41 combination. I like Sour Grapes.  It is diesel with the taste and relaxing properties of Granddaddy Purp without the couch locking effects. However, mixing it with Area 41 now enhances the sativa properties for sure. The mind and body are primed to be active with a slight relaxed nature to your physical being. This mixture tastes of diesel and a host of tropical and sweet flavors. Enjoy!

I like the combination of Galactic Glue and Sour grapes as well. This does not pack the sativa punch as the aforementioned mixture. However, mixing these two gives a mental focus that is crisp and sharp. The taste from combining these two is an even stronger diesel element with a slight berry flavor underneath it.  

Another great wake and bake combination is Area 41 and Galactic Glue.  Similarly, to mixing Area 41 with Sour Grapes the sativa elements of Galactic Glue are enhanced. This can be a wake and bake strain as well. The most notable change when mixing is the pronounced diesel flavor that is equal to the sweet fruity flavors of Area 41.  

Galactic Glue

Time to wind the evening down my friends. I suggest mixing Cereal Killer and Galactic GlueCereal Milk is a potent indica with a crisp spicy taste. Mixing it with Galactic Glue adds a mellow diesel flavor to the taste while adding slightly sativa focus to the intense body relaxing energy of Cereal Killer.

Lastly, I suggest you end the evening with Cereal Milk and Purple Popsicle. Combining the two gives a sharp minty diesel taste balanced by sweet sugary fruity elements. The effect is an intensified indica descent into relaxation and sleepiness. This is to end the night for sure. Happy 420 friends!

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