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Silver Skunk Strain Review

We have an awesome sativa here for you all! Obviously this is Silver Haze and Skunk. WRONG! in my Charlie Murphy voice (RIP!) It pays to ask the folks at Select Co-op delivery dispensary what strains are…

Silver Skunk is the product of crossing Super Skunk and Afghani. I just assumed this was a sativa with Haze in it. I could not have been more incorrect. This strain is an 80% indica leaning hybrid.

Silver Skunk as a sativa would have surprised me though. While this is definitely a relaxing and wind down strain it left me functionally relaxed for hours. Couch-lock or sleepytime is an option but one has the option to maintain function as well.. Silver Skunk tastes of sweet and spicy earth tones with a mild and mellow skunk element to it.

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