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New Shirley Temple Jeeter (LGBQTIA+ Limited Edition) Review

Shirley Temple Flavor & Effects

That means whatever the potency of the strain beforehand, it is only magnified with the added concentrates.  It is an indica dominant strain, the product of crossing Cherry Kandahar and Charlottes Webb.  This indica dominant strain tastes of sweet berries with elements of herbal piney flavors.  This jay is for nighttime use and will put you in a tranquil and almost comatose state.

I feel that way about a Shirley Temple Jeeter. It is more than expected!  I saw Jeeters on the menu for Select Co-Op and never thought about it.  I did not notice they are flowers.  I asked them about it.  Jeeters are pre-rolls infused with distillate and kief.

shirley temple