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Sherbert Strain Review

Excellent work Mr. Sherbinski; just excellent. I thought Sherbet got its name from tasting and smelling like the frozen treat. However, if you can cross Girl Scout Cookies (Cherry Pie, Durban Poison, and OG Kush) with the sweet Kush relaxation of Pink Panties strain you deserve to have a namesake! Let’s check out what this indica leaning hybrid does.

Sherbet has a sweet peach milkshake and peppermint flavor with fruity undertones that gets a little tart on the exhale. There are a lot of flavors blending together to create this unique fruity, minty, slightly sour ambrosia. The buds of Sherbet are conical shaped rich green nuggets radiating orange and amber hairs. A thin glaze of opaque trichomes decorate the bud’s exterior. The buds are resinous and sticky to the fingers breaking them apart.

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Sherbet defies and transcends the label of indica. Yes, Sherbet provides potent body relaxation. It is not couch-locking but the effects will make you couch-friendly. The cerebral high is reminiscent of Girl Scout Cookies. Sherbet provides cerebral euphoria that boosts energy and provides jubilant emotions. As the cerebral effects intensify so do the body effects. As the effects wear on enjoy the relaxed state.