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Sherbalato Strain Review

If you ever seen the movie Domino the name of this strain reminds me of Monique’s character going on the Jerry Springer show to unveil her new racial categories. Monique was a Blacktino who created the terms Chinegro, Japegro, et al. Sometimes these strain’s names, even though they make sense, are just lacking in creativity!


That was my introduction for Sherbalato. Sherbalato is the product of crossing Sherbet and Gelato. Makes sense even though it is boring AF. The effects are not boring. This strain is said to be 60/30 sativa dominant. Although this is a sativa it offers a hazy stoned high.


While it is said to be sativa dominant my experience with this strain is that it is basically 50/50. THC levels can get up to 22% for Sherbalato. The effects are a blast of giddy unfocused haze that creeps throughout the body relaxing it totally in a few minutes. While the relaxation is profound it is heavy or overwhelming. Sherbalato tastes of sweet creamy tropical fruits with a hint of Sour Diesel-ness to it.

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