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Shaman Strain Review

This is a powerful name for a cannabis strain. It sets the barrier high. I associate shamans with deep trances, powerful hallucinogens, and in contact with metaphysical forces. Am I getting in over my head?


Possibly as Select strains have been otherworldly as of late. Shaman is an 85% sativa dominant hybrid. This creation is the product of Purple and Skunk strains. First off, the result is an insanely delicious experience. Shaman has a sugary herbal taste balanced by citrus, berry and spicy earth flavors.  


Shaman can get up to 18% THC levels. While the sativa balance is high this is an evening strain for me. The psychedelic and euphoric energy can get intense. We like it as a couples evening toke that enhances sensations and relaxes the body.  

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