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SFV Dog Strain Review

This is just what the patient ordered. I told my folks at Select Co-op. I needed a hybrid to wind down and deal with pain after workouts dealing with a new old injury; any other folks out there getting new old injuries? Shit sucks. Anyway; usually I am a sativa loyalist. Good looking out on this SFV Dog Select.

San Fernando OG

SFV Dog is the result of crossing San Fernando Valley OG and Chemdawg. These two legendary parents produced excellent offspring. SFV Dog is a 50/50 hybrid that is actually more indica leaning. The strain hits with a blast of elation and happy energy that focuses the mind temporarily. The temporary focus morphs into a relaxed unfocused sleepy and ready to say fuck it energy. It is for lessening the mood and wanting to be carefree.


SFV Dog can get up to 28% THC levels. The strain maintains the diesel pungent taste and smell of Chemdawg. There are also citrus, skunk, and berry undertones that blend with the diesel taste. Enjoy in the late afternoon to the day edge off for a quick nap before the night starts, or at night to wind down early.

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