Self – Care: Cannabis Helps

The phrase self – care is everywhere nowadays, especially in our post – COVID19 world. The realization of its importance seems to increase with regularity. However, what does self – care truly mean, and is it just a ploy of the capitalist elite to get you to spend more money, or a fancy excuse for the wealthy to indulge themselves? These are important questions as conversations about wellness dominate the media.

Self Care Cannabis Helps

Self – care is the personal care of the body and the mind. The need for self – care makes sense when we think about how taxing daily life is to our mind and our bodies especially with the increased anxiety resulting from this COVID crisis and PTSD from systemic racism. Seclusion brought by quarantine, and constant media updates can take a toll on the brain. The Centers for Disease Control has linked social isolation to increased risk of dementia, heart disease, and depression, among other illnesses. Staying at home more can become depressing. Many people lack an outlet to release their feelings about this, or a way to communicate and express that. This causes a change in the way they exist in the world, and in the way they perceive themselves. Caring for oneself, and making a routine of it, can promote increased self – esteem, and relaxation.

For many cannabis consumers, marijuana consumption is an unintentional method of self – care. Cannabis and CBD can help to relieve pain, and they provide relief to a number of patients. Thus they both can be an important part of self – care. Smoking is a ritual whose medicinal benefits promote relaxation. Additionally, you can seek out other cannabis products for even more self – care.

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Self Care Cannabis Helps Art

For me, whenever I light a joint, in addition to feeling relaxed, it signals to my brain that its time to shut – off, and shift my focus to me. After a day spent caring about everyone else’s priorities this is especially necessary. I also love soaking in my tub with a CBD infused bath bomb, or bath salts, or smoking a joint while watching a movie with my boyfriend, or eating a low – dose edible before a scenic hike. The consumption method and the activity may vary, but the result is always the same. I’m calmer, more relaxed, and more present.

To CBD, or Not To CBD?

The Cannabidiol (CBD) market is exploding nationwide. You can discover products of all kinds, ranging from tropical body treatments to edibles, to lattes in stores. For people who are afraid of “getting high,” the THC – free CBD option, which promises a variety of benefits without the psychoactive effects may seem like the way to go. However, many CBD – only products are unable to deliver on all of their label claims, because the industry as a whole lacks the regulation and quality control, to deliver consistency of outcomes.

CBD however, does have it’s benefits. Products that combine CBD and THC provide a more nuanced approach offering balanced experiences that can address the individual needs of consumers. Cannabis has long been praised for its wide array of health benefits, including reducing symptoms in people struggling with anxiety, depression, stress, epilepsy, insomnia, low appetite, and chronic pain to name a few. Mindfully adding cannabis to your favorite self – care activities can enhance the experience and improve your mental health and coping abilities.