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Jun 19, 2021
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Select Cannabis Salads

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Welcome back friends for another culinary cannabis combining creative curation. Oh yeah my alliteration game is on fire this morning. I blame it on my first culinary creation. Let’s get into the salads y’all, and if you don’t know a cannabis salad is simply mixing strains of similar effects and properties.

Sour Jokes Up

Earlier I was referring to the awesome mix of Jet fuel and Sour Jokes Up strains. Jet Fuel is a super sativa that tastes of diesel with a little piney flavors. Sour Jokes Up tastes of diesel with more sour diesel. This is a wake and bake diesel lover’s dream. The combination intensifies the diesel taste and mixing Jet Fuel with Sour Jokes Up lessens the lazy comedown effect of Jet Fuel.  

Staying with the base of Jet Fuel let’s mix in some Limoncello. This is also a great wake and bake strain for sativa energy. However, this combination is also a fruity cornucopia of tastes. The lemon and berry flavors of Limoncello enhance the taste of Jet Fuel.   

Lastly, using Jet Fuel as a base check out a Jet Fuel and Lemon Mints mixture. The sour lemony taste of the Mints will dominate the taste.  This mixture is an evening combination or if you have nothing to do. The Jet Fuel will engage the mind however, shortly the lazy energy of them both combine to just have you doing nothing.  

This leads us into our evening and night time combinations. Purple mamba is our base for these salads. You will enjoy Purple Mamba and Lemon Mints. This tastes amazing. You will detect berries, tropical fruits, sour lemons and a piney minty flavor. This combination will give you the munchies before you fade into couch-lock.

Purple Mamba

Lastly check out mixing Purple Mamba and G13 strain. This is a great strain on which to end the day. These two indicas combine for a nice blissful cerebral effect that quickly turns into a heavy sedation. Enjoy but using sparingly my friends as it is a heavy indica combination.  

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