If you’ve ever eaten too much weed, then you know that feeling too high is a few steps beyond unpleasant. The challenge is that nowadays edibles actually taste good, and not just like weed. Given that most edibles take anywhere from a half – hour to an hour to kick in, it’s easy to overindulge when eating edibles, especially if a case of the munchies kicks in. The labels on most edibles warn you to take only one dosage. Also, to wait at least one hour before consuming any additional dosage of your edibles, but if you’re not feeling anything and your edibles taste delicious it can be especially tempting to keep eating them. This is especially true if you’re feeling extra confident about your tolerance, or you develop a case of the munchies. The secret is to always have a cannabis – free dupe of your edible of choice available.

For example, if your edible of choice is a gummy, purchase several bags of your favorite gummy candy to have on hand. There are worse things that can happen, then having some extra gummy bears lying around. If you are ingesting chocolate, stock up on some fancy chocolate bars. Also if you’re like me and like to snack, it’s always best to have a weed – free version of your cannabis snack, because let’s face it in my house all snacks are fair game. I cringe at the thought of being home and feeling like a snack, but my only option is cannabis – infused.

So, even if you don’t have a history of the munchies, and are extremely confident in your ability to exercise restraint, buy yourself the dupe. Even if you don’t eat it, it will keep you from obsessing over the off – limits snack, and trust me, obsessive thoughts while high are no fun. These are also known as paranoia. Besides, no good snack remains uneaten, and your stomach will likely thank you later.

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That said, snacking while high is fun, but needing to cook while high is a different kettle of fish. Staying away from open flames and sharp objects (aka knives) are generally a good idea while high. The last thing that you will want to do is make a trip to the ER while stoned out of your mind.

Also, I’ve learned that the best way to combat the munchies is to be prepared. Now, I can’t say that I crave healthy food while high, but I will say that I won’t go out of my way to eat unhealthy food. If my kitchen is already stocked with tasty nutritious alternatives. If you’re a carnivore a good thing to have on hand is a rotisserie chicken. It’s the perfect food to eat while high because it’s tasty, nutritious, and you can eat it with your hands. Am I the only one who likes to eat with my hands when I ‘m high? If you really want to spice things up, get all of the condiments that would be necessary for a chicken taco, and have them on hand. I’m talking about sauces, shredded lettuce, guacamole, tortillas, and cheese. For extra credit, make your rotisserie chicken into burritos during the 30 – minute wait period after you ingest your edible. This way you will have a burrito ready to go when the munchies inevitably hit.

Don’t overlook the appropriateness of having a good crudité plate on hand. Before you dismiss this as too healthy of an option, hear me out, a great crudité plate is all about the dips. That’s right if you have a variety of tasty dips available, not only will it up your crudité game, but it will also be a party in your mouth. Let’s face it, one of the greatest benefits of being high is that food tastes better. It doesn’t hurt to supplement that crudité plate with a cheese plate. This is a great time to experiment and broaden your horizon with respect to cheese. Your palate is going to be open.

Also, don’t scrimp on the sweet contrasts, the accouterments of any good cheese plate. Drizzle on some good honey, add the fig jam, and definitely include the almonds and apricots. One thing to note, really make sure that you heed the serving recommendation on your edible if you’re going to have cheese. Fat conducts THC in your bloodstream, so you may find yourself experiencing a more intense high after consuming fatty food.