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Jun 9, 2021
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Sativa Salads

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Thank you, thank you Select Co-op for the return of the super sativas. As a result of coming with an all-star sativa lineup we have options for some culinary treats for sativa connoisseurs. Let’s get into some highly recommended ideas for blending sativa strains. Let the sativa salad culinary expedition begin…

Sour Jokes Up is a blast of lemony diesel sativa energy that ignites the mind for any occasion. Euforia is a CBD infused alleged hybrid that is mood elating and provides upbeat energy. Combining these two strains offers a more pronounced relaxed and calming effect to Sour Jokes Up; however, his effect is in the mind and mood leaving the body active and engaged. For a mid-day boost or after work celebration I recommend mixing Sour Jokes Up and Gorilla Glue. The diesel elements of the two strains combine for a potent lemony chocolate diesel taste. Sour Jokes Up raises the energy of Gorilla Glue while slight relaxation is still present. The taste alone is worth the combination.  

Asian Fantasy is a supreme sativa. This 100% sativa offers an amazing focused effect that is long-lasting. If I had one complaint it would be that the taste is mild and not overwhelming. Enter Sour Jokes Up strain. Mixing Asian fantasy with Sour Jokes Up offers a blast of Sour Diesel elements to the mild fruity flavors of Asian Fantasy while maintaining the sativa blast of focused energy.  

Staying with Asian Fantasy as a culinary base I recommend adding some Euforia to the mix. This is a wake and baker’s dream mix! The high CBD properties of Euforia plus the high sativa elements of Asian Fantasy combine to infuse a mind primed for action, a mood of elation, and energy to conquer any task at hand. The mix tastes of sweet subtle fruits and berries. 

Lastly my friends mix some Gorilla Glue and Asian Fantasy. The sativa elements of Asian Fantasy dominate the mix. Even adding just a little Gorilla Glue adds a distinct diesel flavor with chocolate elements to the mild flavor of Asian Fantasy. 420 well my friends!

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