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New Santa Sativa Review

These are the types of gifts I like.  The green cannabis gifts.  I have been an outstanding person and a “good man” this year.  I know just what I want from my recreational dispensary.  Mr. Claus can give me a Santa Sativa.

santa sativa


Santa sativa is said to be a 70% sativa leaning hybrid.  Thank you, for my early Christmas gift Select Co-Op.  It is the product of crossing Haze and Northern Lights.  This bud is mentally stimulating and physically arousing.  The body is sensually relaxed without sedation or heaviness.

THC Levels & Flavors

This strain may top out near 20% THC levels.  It tastes of sweet citrus fruits balanced by piney earth elements.  It’s buds are fluffy nuggets covered in amber crystal trichomes. 

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