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Sangria Strain Review

I like the name of this strain. It is intriguing and leaves you to wonder what it will do. I am not a fan of the beverage. That is just me I suppose. However, let’s check out Sangria.

The Sangria strain is a product of crossing Purple Diesel and Agent Orange. I will say this strain may not taste like Sangria, but the mix of the citrusy, sweet, diesely, piney elements are a treat to behold. Sangria has a fruity tart flavor you will definitely enjoy.

Sangria hits the body with a nice Sativa blast of energy. I was focused to get up and engage the day. My man at Select was right in recommending this as a wake and bake strain. This is a good sativa cup of focus to aid the day. I almost forgot to sound the red alert. “New strain, New strain”! It is so good I almost forgot.

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