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Jan 29, 2021
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San Fernando Valley OG VS Strawnana

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“As for Strawnana, AKA Banana Strawberry is always in the discussion for the strain with the most mouthwatering taste and smell.”


This week’s matchup featured one of the most well-known strains out of Cali in San Fernando Valley OG. SFV OG is one of the few strains that its name lets you know exactly where it’s from. This Indica dominant strain is well known for its ability to seduce smokers instantly in the mind and body. As you become lost in your thoughts the most simplest of thoughts can turn into thoughts of saving the world from poverty or intense giddiness. The aroma of sweet citrus and pine can be smelled instantly when breaking up buds along with a defined diesel taste from the 1st hit of the “J”. With THC levels averaging in the low 20’s along with having a Indica ratio of 70% makes San Fernando Valley OG a great strain for individuals looking for relief from depression, stress, chronic pain and muscle spasms.

Strawberry Banana

As for Strawnana, AKA Banana Strawberry is always in the discussion for the strain with the most mouthwatering taste and smell. A few buds of Strawnana can be used as an air freshener as it admits a bold aroma of bananas mixed with sugary berries. As you inhale and the smoke reaches your taste buds your brain becomes confused with thoughts of you snacking on a basket of tropical fruits. The Sativa side of Strawnana is known to provide mental stimulation that often leads to creativity and excitement. Some smokers who are usually quiet or reserved before the blunt often turn into “Chatty Patties” at the onset of the high. After a few blunts even the best of smokers will experience some paralysis as the couch slowly turns into quick sand. As with other great hybrid strains the THC levels hover around the low to mid 20’s which makes Strawnana a go to strain for individuals dealing with pain, fatigue, stress and a loss of appetite.

Animal Mints

With such a close contest sometimes history and name recognition are the deciding factor as San Fernando Valley OG moves on to the next round of the March to Madness Tournament. As we look forward to next week’s matchup between Animal Mints and Jack Herer, it’s Indica vs Sativa in this classic early round matchup. Jack Herer being bred to inspire deep creative thoughts and Animal Mints the heavy hitting Indica that has left the best of smokers slouched in the couch. Tune in next weekend as we inch one step closer to the March to Madness Tournament.

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