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San Fernando Valley OG Strain Review

San Fernando OG

Most of the time I am strictly looking at sativas and sativa leaning hybrids when perusing the menu of Select Coop. However, there are times I realize working out a little harder the body needs help to recover and at times I need help to wind down before sleep. That is when I ask Select what indicas are around…

San Fernando Valley OG Strain Review - How Do I Get Weed

Actually, I didn’t even have to ask this time. I saw San Fernando valley OG (SFV OG) and knew what this classic indica does so I grabbed it instantly. SFV OG is an OG Kush phenotype bred by Cali Connections. This strain can near the mid 20s percentage for THC levels and offer 1% CBD and CBN relief as well.

OG Kush

San Fernando Valley OG is a Kush phenotype so it tastes like… Kush! The strain tastes of spicy dank earth flavors. This is evening medicine. It takes two, maybe three tokes and I am good to begin the descent for the evening. Couchlock leading to tranquilizer dart time. Use sparingly and cautiously!