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Ruthless OG Strain Review

Should I be scared? I watched Star Trek, Out of Darkness recently (a remake of Revenge of Khan). Ruthless is the word kept being used to describe Khan. He is an OG too!

Ruthless OG

Pardon me while I break out my DJ clue metal echo voice…”new strain, new strain”! Ruthless OG is an indica dominant leaning hybrid. I do not know the lineage of this strain. Ruthless OG is said to produce up to 23% THC levels.

I needed some evening wind energy. Ruthless OG did not disappoint.  Good recommendation, Select Co-op! Ruthless OG has a sour lemony and piney taste that is accented by a diesel like gas flavor on the exhale.  This strain will melt away pain and have you relaxed but not couch-locked!

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