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Russian Creme Strain Review

Do not get this confused with White Russian; neither the strain nor the alcoholic beverage. Nor get it confused with Black Russian, like one of the mercenaries in the new film Nobody. What we do have is a definite time to break out my Dancehall reggae DJ voice “Ring the alarm a new strain is growing, ring the alarm a new strain we toking, Wooaah”.

Russian Creme Strain Review - How Do I Get Weed

Russian Creme is a new hybrid creation from the crossing of Hardcore OG and Acai gelato. The sweet flavors of Acai gelato shine through, balanced by piney earth flavors of the OG. This strain is a balanced hybrid. Although it is labeled as indica dominant the mental effects are elevating and focusing while the body relaxation is functional.

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Russian Creme is a beautiful hybrid. I enjoyed this as a wake and bake strain today. I did not have much to do except some computer work after working out. I would not use this before heavy activity. However, afterwards you can relax on this strain while still being functional. Great recommendation from Select Co-op.