Running Low On Flower After 420? Weed Salad Might Be The Answer.

"A weed salad is what happens when several friends get together and add different strains of flower, grind it up and consume it.

With 420 in the rearview and summer right around the corner, you might be ramping up your attempts to get a summer body into overdrive. However, if you clicked the link looking for a recipe for a bowl of greens made of edible dandelion leaf and burdock root, you might want to keep looking. Although that, topped with a little cannabis enhanced salad dressing, sounds *chef’s kiss*. Cannabis Caesar dressing sounds dope, I’m not going to lie.

So today we are talking about a literal weed salad, which you’ve probably tried, even if you didn’t know it. A weed salad is what happens when several friends get together and add different strains of flower, grind it up and consume it. Each strain has its own effects and they mix to create an entirely different effect, like the Coca-Cola Freestyle at McDonald’s. You can’t tell me that a Sprite Zero Cherry Vanilla Orange Coke isn’t the best thing smoking. The weed salad offers the same kind of dealer’s choice, because its contents are entirely up to you. Like many of the best things, necessity was probably the mother of invention for this one. Two or more friends got together to smoke, found out they didn’t have enough, and created this thing. Whether they called it weed salad or not, I can’t say, since the term first appeared on Urban Dictionary back in the early aughts, even though this type of behavior has undoubtedly been going on for centuries.

These days, weed salad goes by many names: House Party, cornucopia, the blendo, spring mix and more. The special effect comes from the combination. Have a tiny bit of Blue Dream left and some Sour Diesel? Want to stretch that OG Kush by mixing in a little bit of Vanilla Frosting? You’ve probably made a weed salad. Unless you’re a total purist, as you start to understand the effects of different cannabis strains, the natural thing to do is to start to curate your own mix. Anyway, it’s a lot more fun than some chopped lettuce and tomatoes.

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So how do you make a weed salad? In case you were wondering, there are really only a few rules. First, don’t eat the flower. It won’t get you high and you won’t get the effect you are looking for, if the effect you’re looking for is an actual high. If you do choose to juice or eat the leaves, just know you’ll be getting the health effects and nothing else. The second thing to know is that the cannabis shouldn’t be mixed with other smokable, including tobacco. Mixing tobacco and weed is a spliff, not a weed salad!

Weed comes in thousands of varieties called strains, or cultivars. However, they generally fall into broad categories of flavors. There are many fuel-smelling, or gas strains, fruity strains, earthy and incense-smelling strains; savory, and sweet strains. It’s a dealer’s choice, but a way you can’t miss out is to go blend similar flavor families together. Not exactly the same, but complimentary is best here, like making a smoothie. Whatever you do, don’t blend flavors that are at odds with each other, like Lime Skunk and Lavender (just trust us on this.) You can also choose to pair for effects- to dampen your Sativas, or boost your indicas. Make your own blend, and tamper down the effects of a high- THC strain for your light-weight bestie, or mix two potent indicas so you can get a good day’s sleep (you’re definitely going to be couch-locked for at least a day. Don’t stress it too much. Use what you have or hit up my guys at Select for the most amazing selection. Either way, it keeps things fresh and experimental. Let us know what combinations you come up with!