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RS 11 Strain Review

RS 11 looks amazing. Deep purple and dark green nuggets that are swirled and swarmed by orange pistils and lime green hairs covered by a blanket of shining trichomes is a beauty to behold. Never mind the British Secret Service sounding name they gave to it.

By the way, I am breaking out the DJ Clue metal voice echo, ” New strain, new strain”. RS 11 is an eclectic crossing of Black Sherbert, OZ Kush, and Pink Guava. As you open the bag smells of sweet fruity candy and diesel hits your nose. 

Oz Kush

RS 11 smokes just like it smells. The inhale gives you flavor of tropical fruits, and creamy sweetness. The exhale hits you with a gassy diesel and piney flavor. This is an ideal wake and bake strain for me. The effect is an instant desire to move, do, create, and be active.

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