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Royal Wedding Strain Review

I hear Royal Wedding and I think of Harry and Meghan. I also think of Oprah shocked that she learned the royal family is racist. You don’t say. Of course, a monarchy that a few years ago had colonies around the world forced into submission by the British military loves it’s royal subjects.

4 Kings

Anyway y’all… Royal Wedding Strain is the product of crossing 4 Kings and Wedding Crasher. I think it is called Royal Wedding because this shit is relaxed, not excited, or motivating at all. This strain is more of a hybrid. There are some diesel and citrus elements to its taste that also combine with some earth elements.

I almost forgot y’all… In my DanceHall DJ voice….”Ring the alarm. A new strain is growing… Ring the alarm another strain we toking… Ohhhh! Royal Wedding is not as lively as Wedding Crasher in its effects, but it is not debilitating either.

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