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Royal Cookies Strain Review

The name of this strain just sounds like some super boogie shit. As of only Prince Albert and Queen Elizabeth are only allowed to sample these cookies. With a name like this this strain best be amazing. Let’s see…

It has Cookies in the lineage so I suspect an amazing taste and aroma to the toking experience. I am correct… This strain tastes like the best Girl Scout Cookies I have had. This strain is the result of crossing one of the Girl Scout Cookies family strains with a combination of unknown indica hybrids.

I asked Select to recommend something pleasant to help me wind down and deal with some resurfacing chronic pains. I do not like harsh indicas at night. The taste of this strain is that of sweet, nutty, vanilla cookie. The GSC cerebral energy begins this experience. However, Royal Cookies is said to be 80% indica. It is. Shortly be prepared for a descent into couch-lock!

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