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Apr 27, 2020
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Rockstar Strain Review

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“It is said Rockstar strain review is good for migraines, insomnia, and mild chronic pain. This is good for late afternoon use”


Rockstar strain review is a smooth hitting indica bred from crossing Rockbud and Sensi Star. Both of these parent strains are indica dominant and known for relaxing effects. Sensi Star has at 20% THC level. Rockbud THC levels are in the low teens. The result is Rockstar has a moderate THC level of 17-20% providing strong body relaxation with moderate but not overwhelming effects.

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Rockstar has buds that are the size and shape of small pebbles or rocks. The buds are dense with lime green and rich olive colors compressed against amber fire swirling around lavender covered in a layer of thin white trichomes. The flavor of spicy grape wine or syrup fills the mouth and lingers upon exhale.

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The effects are a nice balance of cerebral euphoria and elation coupled with a body relaxing tingle that develops over time. The relaxation does not turn into a heavy draining couch-lock. The Rockstar strain review is good for migraines, insomnia, and mild chronic pain. This is a good for late afternoon use that will not weigh you down early in the evening. Good recommendation from my guy at Select!

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