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Sep 27, 2022
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Reviewing DC’s Best Weed Delivery Service

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Washington DC weed delivery services can be a headache. It should not be. Initiative 71 has made this process simple for recreational marijuana dispensaries that know what they are doing. You do not need to self-verify for a cannabis medical card to visit a medical dispensary. Select Co-Op is the best DC weed delivery service, all you need to do is simply consistently perusing the menu. The highest quality flowers, concentrates, edibles, cartridges, and magical mushrooms are available on their menu.

What makes a quality experience for shopping for your cannabis “gifts”? Some say a reputable site should have a digital display and a consistent updated menu. Yes, Select Co-Op has and stays on top of that. Some say high-definition images for strains and products are a must on a website. Yessir, Select Co-Op has that as well.

What about Category Organization and product description? There are those that want the evidence of cannabis testing. I appreciate the peer and customer reviews that Select Co-Op provides. Everything on the Select Co-Op site is easy to find, separated into easily navigated categories, and everything is clearly explained and detailed. The website is on point but what about the products?

The Flower Menu

Best DC Weed Delivery

The best cannabis strains available on the East Coast. Sour Haze, Red Velvet, Outer Space, Funky Pines, and Purple Punch are a handful of the amazing strains available. I appreciate that they separate their menu from indicas and sativas.

All you have to do is choose the strains you want. Then simply call Select Co-Op to subscribe to their menu listings and receive the cannabis gift of your choice. You have to be 21 years of age or more to purchase recreational cannabis. There are no kids allowed so do not be shocked when asked to prove your age through a state issued identification card.

The Best Concentrate Menu in DC Hands Down

Washington DC's Top Rated Weed Delivery

Select Co-Op features live resin cartridges for i71 gifting. Live Resin can be a cleaner and more pure means to enjoy cannabis. The whole marijuana plant is cut and harvested its immediately flash frozen. This preserves the essence of the cannabinoids and terpenes.

Select Co-Op has London Pound Cake, Sour Diesel, and Dolato live resins. They have other concentrates as well. Select Co-Op has Sour Cookies shatter for you dabbing experts. They also have gelato crumble to add to joints/blunts/ or dabbing as well. Select Co-Op also has Lemon Tree and other flavors of Diamonds.


Washington DC's Top Rated Weed Delivery

This is my disclaimer. If you get fat eating the Select Co-Op edibles it is not my fault, dose wisely. They have Captain Crunch bars, Cocoa Rice Crispies, Chocolate POW bars, Mini chocolate Canna Kisses, as well as Brownies.

I appreciate that all Select Co-Ops edibles are labeled with accurate THC dosage. There is no question about the quality and amount you are getting with their edible products. It is simply on you to not overdo it!

Recreational Cartridges

Cookies and Cream Glazed Carts

Select Co-Op has an extensive cart menu. First, they have you covered on the E-leaf mini digital batteries for your vaping needs. They have live resin carts of all of your favorite flavors including Biscotti, Gorilla Glue, and Sour Diesel.

Select Co-Op also has the Honey Stick Distillate brand for your needs. For quick hits they also carry the Glazed brand of disposable cartridges. Simply peruse the menu and choose your cannabis gift!

Magic Mushrooms

kitto katsu

Initative 71 allows Select Co-Op to deliver such delectable cannabis goodies to your door in Washington DC. Initiative 81 allows them to deliver quality magic mushrooms to you as well. Select Co-Op has numerous flavors of the Polk-a-dot brand of chocolate mushrooms.

Polk-a-dot chocolate mushrooms come in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, Oreo milkshake, snickalicious, and vegan chocolate bars as well. These bars contain 4g of psilocybin from mushrooms. They are segmented into squares for you to manage your dosing needs.

Select Co-Op is awaiting your call my 4:20 enthusiasts. Simply peruse their prolific but easy to navigate menu and make your choice. Their drivers are always prompt and discrete with your cannabis gift.

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