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Resin Ranchers Runtz Strain Review

I got a tongue twister for y’all..say “Resin Ranchers Runtz” as fast as you can three times. Can you do it without getting tongue twisted? That is before you smoke this awesomeness. Cue the DJ Clue metal echo voice….”New strain, new strain, new strain!”

Resin Ranchers Runtz

This shit looks amazing. The buds are thick and long like a chicken finger. Bright lime green pistils swirl around lavender and purplish leaves. The buds are a little string like diesel, but it has some density to it though. Can’t find anything online about its lineage or THC so let’s see what it do!

Get recommendation by my guys at Select Co-op. Resin Ranchers Runtz tastes of sweet tropical fruits with a hint of berries as well. There is an earthy and dankness to the flavor of the smoke as well. First toke hits with a blast of elation and euphoria that brings on a giddiness to the high. Soon you will feel the body relaxing effects as well. I needed that. I broke my pinky toe yesterday. I was mad as Della Reese… At least it ain’t get shot off though. If anybody has ever done that before you know it’s a waste of time and money to go to the hospital… You just tape it to the other toe for immobilization. The Runtz helped not notice the pain.

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