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Resin Ranchers Runtz Strain Review

I have noticed that Select Co-Op often gets this strain. I never get it. I’m just not one for the cute ass names and I have tried and true favorites I get faithfully. However, my people at Select recommended this as I asked for something different.  

Resin Ranchers Art

Resin Ranchers Runtz is a cross between Zkittles, or is it Zittles (see I don’t deal with all this fruity shit) and Gelato. Now I do know about the awesome taste and effects of Gelato aka Larry Bird. This shit tastes like pine sugar, candy earth, or sweet syrup spice. The blend of earthiness and sweet flavor is a bounty of like natural sweetness that is more like natural goodness than cake or a made dessert.  

The effects are a nice balance. Initially, a wave of euphoric playful energy guided thoughts and social play with my lady. As time ensued we both got into choosing to relax and enjoy the physical effects. There was no couch lock, just enjoyable acceptance of the relaxing effects without sedation. 

Resin Ranchers
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