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Aug 1, 2023
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Rehydrate Dry Cannabis With These 4 Expert Tips

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Have you ever wondered if there’s a way to rehydrate dry cannabis? Nothing’s worse than having a sack full of crumbly, dusty, dry weed. Actually, that’s not true. It could be worse. Somebody could have actually sold you that dry, dusty, crumbly weed.

Anybody who smokes has come across the stuff. I personally have ended up getting burned on weed so dry it actually floated up and away into the air when it was broken up. The crushing of a bud resembled the blowing of a dandelion.

When it comes to the question of whether you can rehydrate dry cannabis, the answer is yes. Will it be as good as it once was? No. But will it be better than it was before rehydration? Possibly. Once you have managed to rehydrate cannabis, there are some improvements, such as a smoother burn and more flavor, that you may begin to notice.

What Causes Dry Cannabis?

Improper storage and time are the two main culprits of dry weed. When cannabis isn’t stored properly, it begins to lose its moisture. Cannabis must maintain an optimal moisture level in order to burn properly and deliver the best effects.

Unfortunately, curing cannabis can be a little bit tricky for people, apparently. It is all too common to hit a dispensary these days and end up with some bud you can break up in your fingers into a pile of fine fluffy weed. Weed like this is typically not very good. The lack of moisture will also represent a lack of flavor and potency. Good weed should be sticky and full of aroma.

Leaving cannabis exposed to the air and elements for too long will greatly impede its quality. Light is another factor that degrades potency and flavor profiles. During the curing process, cannabis should be in a cool dark place where the humidity can be monitored. Some people even use refrigeration to cure cannabis. Curing cannabis is an art in itself and is just as important as cultivation.

If you happen to forget about a stash you had, and it ends up dry, or some bum sells you dry weed, there are many ways to rehydrate your dry cannabis.

4 Ways to Rehydrate Dry Cannabis

Weed shouldn’t be too wet. Too much moisture can lead to potential dangers such as pathogens and mold. But nobody wants dusty weed. Here are a few ways you can do to help improve the hydration of your bud.

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Fruit Peels

Fruit peels are a tried and true method for rehydrating dry cannabis. Orange peels are one of the most popular fruit peels added to weed next to slices of apple. Citrus peels such as lemon, lime, or others can also be used. If you find yourself with a dry sack of bud, simply drop a few peels in it and wrap it up tightly. Within a few hours, you’ll notice that bud starts to absorb the moisture and even a little bit of  the aroma and flavor profile of the peels used. Remove the peels and enjoy.

Hydration Packs

Hydration packs are another great way to add humidity control to your cannabis storage containers. Most people don’t keep their weed in sandwich baggies these days. Many people keep weed in mason jars, specialty containers, or dispensary containers. Humidity control packs are a great way to not only add moisture back to cannabis but to help maintain that moisture preventing your cannabis from drying out. All you have to do is add one of these packs and wait. When the hydration pack is no longer any good, a color change on an indicator circle will let you know it’s time to replace it.

Evergreen Two-Way Humidifying Capsules

Evergreen capsules are a great alternative to hydration packs. Some people don’t like to throw hydration packs away when they wear out, and they do wear out quite often. Instead of doing this, Evergreen offers a humidifying capsule that can be used time and time again. These amazing little capsules are magnetic and attach to the top inside of mason jar lids beautifully. The beads inside of the container let you know when it’s time to rehydrate them. That process is done by simply adding a few drops of water to a special sponge on the container lid.

Hydro Stones

Hydro stones, which are essentially terracotta discs, are another way you can rehydrate dry cannabis. Simply soak the small terracotta disc in water before adding it to your dry weed. Close the container once you’ve added the stone, and check it in a few hours. Once your weed has reached your desired moisture level, remove the stone to prevent potential contamination from occurring.

How Not to Rehydrate Dry Weed

There are ways to do things, and there are ways not to do things. Above are a few ways mentioned that you can rehydrate your weed. Now let’s look at a few ways you shouldn’t rehydrate your weed.

The Bread Method

Bread slices are a bad idea to rehydrate dry cannabis. Bread does contain moisture, and it is often used to rehydrate brown sugar that has hardened. But it can also easily break apart into your weed and become quite difficult to remove, especially if it dries up too much. Don’t let people fool you; adding bread to your weed will not get you toasted.

Combining It With Fresh Herb

Adding fresh weed to your dry weed is also a bad idea when you’re trying to rehydrate dry cannabis. Why would you want to go and ruin perfectly good weed by adding it to some dry, funky stuff? Instead, opt to turn your dry, funky weed into cannabutter or use it in a batch of brownies.

Adding Water

Spraying weed with water is another idea that isn’t a good one. Once it’s sprayed with water, it can become difficult to burn. In return, you could find yourself leaving it wrapped up, potentially causing a breeding ground for pathogens. Returning and smoking this weed later could lead to unwanted side effects such as headaches or breathing problems. If you’re going to use water, use a hydro stone or cotton ball if you’re in a pinch.

The best advice when attempting to rehydrate dry cannabis is to avoid having to do this at all. This is why it is always essential to store your cannabis properly. Unfortunately, though, things happen and it’s not uncommon that people find themselves asking the question, how can you rehydrate weed?

Ashley Priest is a patient, mother, entrepreneur, and activist that fights to end prohibition globally for a better future for all. Ashley has a passion for sharing education pertaining to the goddess plant known as cannabis. She believes that a single seed can tip the scales and that together through education we can end the stigma that is preventing cannabis from flowering to its full potential globally.

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