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Red Dragon Strain Review

Who is the masta Sho Nuff! I think of Leroi from the Last Dragon. I picture a dude with a dragon on the back of a nylon sweat suit. Kobra Kai comes to mind as everybody tells me it is a great show, but I have not seen it yet. We are talking about the Red Dragon.

Red Dragon Art

This strain’s origins are as exotic as it sounds. The child of Himilayan Kush and Utopian haze is mis-attributed in my opinion. This strain is said to be 60/40 sativa. This strain hits with a cerebral blast of just wow and paves the way for a relaxing euphoric mellow experience.  

A woody and spicy, but fruity blend of sweet smoke warms the tongue and is a joy to inhale. However, for me the indica effects began to come on quick and hard. The sedation is not couch-locking, but relaxed and chill is an undeniable mood and vibe. The up to 20% THC levels are evident.

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