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Feb 7, 2021
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RAW Roller

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“My most trusted and imperative item to rolling a jay is my RAW roller. Other companies probably make them too… I got a toolbox for the process.”


My lady enjoys her water bong pipe whatever the fuck it is and this pipe thingamajig. I smoke papers. She laughs at it. I can barely hide my annoyance when she passes her contraptions to me. I want to hit a jay and put it down not engage in a science experiment. Ok, I know I’m being extra, but I simply do not like bongs and pipes.

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My most trusted and imperative item to rolling a jay is my RAW roller. Other companies probably make them too… I ain’t sponsored by the company I have just had it for about 7 years. It is a metal cone for rolling your own cones.

This is where my lady laughs and she in turn is annoyed. This is a process of precision and skill. Let me say it another way also; the shit takes a lot of time.

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I got a toolbox for the process. The Raw roller, a metal clay shaping tool from one of my daughter’s art kits… Do not judge me as a parent she ain’t used that kit in years when I took it. She had a duplicate if she wanted to shape clay so just stop it, back to my box. Scissors, index cards, scotch tape, and my grinder complete my tools for the task.

Either regular or king size papers I wrap at an angle around the metal roller and lick the glue part to seal it and slide the metal tube out leaving an empty sealed cone. I cut a small piece of the index card off and wrap into a small cylinder. Using the clay molding tool I push the cylinder down the cone until it is sticking halfway out the bottom. Using the metal clay model tool I stick it through the cylinder to expand it so it tightly fits in the back of the cone. I then tape the cylinder in place so now it’s a cone with a tightly fit filter on the back end.

Time for the final process. Using the clay modeling tool I stuff the cone. Not too tight so it doesn’t pull and not too loose so it runs and doesn’t pull. I pack it to the top and close it off to create a nice cherry when it is sparked. My lady loves my joints, she just can’t watch me roll them. Yeah it takes about 9:47… I mean it’s not like I timed it or something. You can’t rush perfection woman so just accept the process!

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