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Rainbow Belts Strain Review

I get the name of this strain. It is a clever combination of the parent strains. However, it puts an image in my mind I cannot forget. I picture a studded belt with all the colors of the rainbow on it. Naw, not my thing!


Rainbow Belts is the product of crossing Zkittles and Moonbow. This strain can get up to 24% THC levels. This is said to be a balanced 50/50 hybrid. Smoking this too early may have you dragging the rest of the day! Rainbow Belts hits with an energy that elates the mind with giddiness. You will want to socialize. While giddy the body is not energized and relaxation grows and grows until it reaches a climax of sleepiness or couchlock. 

Rainbow Belts tastes of sweetly sour citrus fruits, berries, and a spicy earth flavor to balance it out. This is not one of my favorite strains. I was expecting less indica relaxation.

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