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Race Fuel OG Strain Review

The name of this strain can be deceiving. I expect racing fuel to get me up moving and ready to physically conquer the world. Cerebrally, it does provide such energy for a quick burst of focus. Let’s check out Race Fuel OG.

OG Kush

Race Fuel OG is the product of crossing OG Kush and Face Off OG. I bought this going off of the name. I should have looked it up. It is not “bad”; I just wanted more of a sativa effect.

Face Off

Race Fuel OG can get up to 15% THC levels. Even though this has a moderate THC level the effects are long-lasting. This strain tastes of piney citrus flavors as well as diesel elements. I enjoy the taste. The effect is just alright. The mind elevating and body relaxing effects are average. If you want an indica that you can focus on, or a sativa to relax you this is for you.  

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