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Quarantine Wellness

Now is a time to see the doctor everyday. Visit the Doctors of sunshine, fresh air, nutritious food, water, exercise, rest, and laughter everyday. Do not ignore the advice of these age-old physicians! Let’s look at how responsible dosing in these times can aid in applying the prescriptions of these Phds.

Take time to get outside during these times of social distancing. Staying cooped up inside contributes to poor air quality in the home. As a side note a quality oil diffuser can help disseminate healing aromas throughout a living space. Check out Art Naturals. A couple of drops of thieves oil blend will help with keeping breathing passageways open. However, back to fresh air. Getting out to walk for at least an hour a day can help to increase weight loss as well as relive stress.

Take a hit or two of a good sativa like 3 Blue Kings from Select Co-Op and hit the trail or walk bike the path around the lake. Give yourself the needed fresh air and sunshine. If not feeling moving about, then simply sit on the deck, porch, or stand outside by a tree after a toke and enjoy the sunshine and beauty of fresh air.

It is recommended to eat warming foods at this time. A good chick pea curry or black-eyed pea marsala will provide warming spices and heat to the respiratory system. For a little dosing enjoyment you may add a quarter of finely ground flowers to the final simmering processes of any stews, soups, or curries. Avoid eating from a package, box, or bag during these times. If we are home then take the time to meals from scratch, if not simply boiling some rice, or cooking the food sitting in the freezer.

Please do not ignore the need for water throughout the day. To spice it up begin to infuse water with cucumbers, strawberries, lemons, and/or limes. It’s simple and gives water a few extra trace elements and flavor.

The same can be done with herbs as well. Add a half cup to a cup of chopped rosemary, lemon balm, or whatever is your preference to a glass bottle or pitcher of water and let chill. Whether you infuse or not drink water throughout the day. Drinking water helps your body eliminate toxins and stabilize the immune system. A dehydrated body has a susceptible immune system.

Exercise is important at this time to increase our bodies ability to recover after a challenge. Moderate daily exercise, moderate as to not stress the system is what the doctor has prescribed. Challenge yourself by engaging yoga a few times a week if it new to you. Challenge yourself with a moderate full body workout a few times a week as well. Or if you can go all in with a serious HIIT workouts then go for it. Just move and get something in every day!

Now is a time to introduce a couple of good indicas. Because the doctor’s final prescription is to rest and laugh dammit! Grab a balanced indica sativa hybrid like Honey Banana or Dream Lotus. Laugh at Dave Chapelle’s Kennedy Center recognition show on Netflix or Cardi B drop knowledge on the Coronavirus…it’s real. Or just play same mad libs or look at all pictures with family. However, enjoy life and enjoy the moments we have! Then prepare for that nice balanced hybrid to do its indica thing and rest well. Maintain a good sleep schedule and cycle to keep the mind sharp and body health family.

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