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Quarantine Strains part II

Last time we looked at a few choice indica strains for stress relief and anxiety during these times of quarantining. Now let us explore a few sativa strains ideal for providing focus, energy, and motivation. Whether you are telecommuting, not commuting, or may be dealing with challenges of the gig economy here are few recommended strains for uplifting energy and getting things done.

To be clear this is a brief list to highlight sativa effects of strains. While the list Royal Queen Seeds has produced is impressive, for the purpose of this article flowering times and other growing properties are not relevant. Let’s just look at the effects of some popular sativa strains.

Sour Diesel is classic sativa and one I highly recommend for its energy and motivating energy. This strain tastes of sourness like green jolly ranchers combined with a diesel fuel after taste. The diesel definitely fuels you! A favorite of writers, fitness junkies, and folks who want to activate creativity, energy, and action! You know it’s Sour Diesel by the smell and long stringy bud structure.

Although the first time I was introduced to Green Crack the name was quite the turnoff. I don’t do anything outside of cannabis. I later found this was allegedly named by Snoop Dogg because he enjoyed the potent cerebral effects so couldn’t stop smoking the shit. Green Crack provides sharp and crisp mental energy and focus. It has been said some users choose it to aid in fighting depression.

Power Flower This strain is aptly named! This is a South African landrace (meaning an original strain not crossed with anything) that can be up to 90% sativa. Energy, energy, energy is the word here. The mental effects are light, fun, and happy. This is a perfect strain to utilize before yoga, working out, cooking, or working around the house.

A few honorable mentions for great sativa energy strains would have to be Strawberry Cough, 3 Kings, and Cherry Pie. If you have the opportunity check those out as well. Sativa strains are ideal for day-time use as while they provide mental energy and focus, fatigue and lethargy are not side effects. Be strategic and safe in these times of change and uncertainty.

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